Being a Nurse Doesn't Prevent Medical Sexism

Today's story was submitted anonymously.

I sat reading your story in the Prevention Mag [fully story below] with tears rolling down my cheeks. How well I know YOUR story & the stories on your blog. You see, I have been there soooo many times & have a double whammy going against me...I am a women AND an RN. It seems the second the doctor walks into the room with me it's like he/she becomes deaf. No matter WHAT I tell them it seems like I'm NOT even speaking OR I'm being looked at like "REALLY??". I've even been told, "you're a nurse. You know that can't be happening." So, sadly, I have almost stopped going to the doctor & just hope I'm ok, as I just don't have the energy to try to be heard & BELIEVED anymore. Having been a nurse for 40+ yrs that REALLY sucks for all of us. I just pray no patient EVER felt that way with my care. This has GOT to change...

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