New Podcast: We want [to interview] you!


I started this blog a couple of years ago because I was tired of doctors treating me like some sort of criminal for seeking treatment for my symptoms. After years of going to doctor after doctor who told me my symptoms were all in my head I was finally diagnosed with lupus. As someone desperate for relief from extreme bouts of fatigue that stopped me from living my life, the attitude from doctors that somehow I wanted to be sick was infuriating.  

Last year when I learned of the upcoming publication of Doing Harm: The Truth About How Bad Medicine and Lazy Science Leave Women Dismissed, Misdiagnosed, and Sick by author Maya Dusenbury I was heartened. In fact there were a number of books that came out this year by women frustrated with how doctors often mistrust and fail their patients. 

I am hopeful that these books will cause medical professionals to start taking their patients lived experience more seriously. But still, every week I get new submissions from women telling terrible stories about being very ill--sometimes gravely so--and being dismissed and rejected by the medical profession.  

I know the blog has brought a lot of comfort to women by reassuring them that they're not the only one, but I'd really like for it to provide something more practical than that. I want it to be a resource to help women (and men!) who are not being taken seriously by their doctors. Who are searching for a diagnosis and can't find a doctor to actually credit their complaints or who have even received a diagnosis but who are still not able to get competent treatment.

To that end, Kelly Camp and I have decided to start a new podcast (Name TBD) regarding the struggle to get to diagnosis and then even once you have one to receiving appropriate care. We want to talk to experts, advocates, doctors, and patients to find out what we as patients can do to become more active in our own treatment to get results. 

If you have a story of struggling to find a diagnosis or treatment that you think would illuminate strategies others could use in their own treatment journey, I'd love to interview you for the podcast. Please email me at

Thanks so much! I'm keeping at this because of all the encouragement I get from women every day.