Today's story comes from Lisa Holt.

My story started about 3 1/2 yrs ago when I woke up so tired I couldn't open my eyes. I was falling asleep while brushing my teeth and ended up late to work because I fell back to sleep. Thinking I was getting sick, I did what most do and drugged myself up hoping it would soon pass.

A week later I still felt the same but I hadn't gotten sick yet. I was in tears not knowing what was wrong but more so not being able to function. The doc I went to ran down my list of symptoms and the first thing he says is its your period. I knew he had no idea because he never asked me when my last cycle was, which had been two weeks before.

A few days later I started feeling better so I figured it was a small bug and I was now better. A couple months later I woke up exhausted again! This kept going on every few months but each time lasting longer. A year into this ordeal I finally went to a new doctor. She completely did not listen to me too! After all my blood work came back normal, she still sent me to specialist that deals with nutrient deficiencies. Of course It was the same convo, blood work is normal your have no symptoms of anything else etc...

The worst though is when I'm told told you're just tired, go to bed earlier, its your period, a lot of women feel the way you do that time of the month or maybe you should try working out to help boost you're energy. ERRRR ITS NOT MY PERIOD AND I DO WORK OUT 5-6 DAYS A WEEK BUT I CAN'T NOW BECAUSE I PHYSICALLY CAN'T GET OUT OF BED!!! Sorry for the outburst but that did feel good! I still have no progress to a diagnosis and as I write this I'm again going through another "tired" spell and falling asleep doing so.