Story: "They forget what they are really there for."

Ed note: This week's story comes from Andrea G.

Over the last, oh gosh, nearly a year now it's been a roller coaster of life events that do have me depressed, and I have had depression since I was very young so its nothing new to me.

In the last six months I had a huge lifestyle change, I went from a sedentary life to gym visits 4-5 times a week, eating super healthy. I've lost weight and my energy was better than ever.

Suddenly, one random day a few weeks ago, my neck itched. Creams and benadryl did nothing, and it faded 3 days later. The following week, the skin of my arms were suddenly extremely sensitive to touch or any contact. Again, allergy creams or benadryl, did nothing. Pain pills like ibuprofen or aspirin did nothing. The fatigue and brain fog were extreme, so bad I caught myself unable to remember a shirt that I had just worn over an hour ago and was putting away. I didn't recognize it at all, and my husband was so worried for me. Over the next few days the pain migrated, from my arms to my hips, and then I started getting this very painful ache I have never felt before in my hips, occasionally my arms, a burning sensation followed in my legs and hands. I was in bed for hours at one point, I didn't want to even move.

Long story short, I visited the doctor and once she saw I had come in for depression one time, she labeled my diagnosis as depression. She tried very, very hard to will me onto anti-depressants but I tried to explain to her that even my therapist advised me it was okay not to because of weight gain, which would be a complete shift backwards in my lifestyle from what she knew I was trying to do to better myself.

The doctor refused to believe me, said if all my blood work came back normal I was to pick a anti-depressant. My blood work came back, I was Vitamin D deficient, 14.2 (should be 50 to be healthy). She still refused that the Vitamin D had anything to do with my pain, my fatigue, my skin, she put me on meds for it but would not even talk to me about all the repercussions that low Vitamin D can cause. I had to research it myself and talked to a community who deal with it too, who all said my symptoms were from the deficiency. Even depression. She even refused to send me to an endocrinologist, instead is sending me to a neurologist which I don't even know what to do with.

This, has a been a story of my life. I have had sicknesses happen to me that doctors turned a blind eye on to me before. I've been given no diagnosis, this was even the first time I have ever been tested for low vitamins. I miscarried over a year ago and vitamin deficiency can actually contribute to this. It's just, I feel like I'm the crazy one with how she treated me. I know my depression, I know my body, and when I was suddenly a shadow of my former self? She wouldn't listen to me.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow for something else, I'm taking my husband and its a different doctor. Fingers crossed.

I just wanted to share my story with you, I worry I might have far more going on because of my tremors I've had for years, and a lot of other issues. Doctors are responsible for our health, but I think with the push to see all these patients, they tend to forgot what they are really there for. To help us get better.

Thank you for your blog. It's encouraged me to fight for the long haul of things.