Story: "Infuriated by the medical system"

Ed note: Today's submission comes from Alishya Thexton.

A little over a month ago I found myself in the emergency room due to what everyone keeps saying is a "Urinary Tract Infection". I was rushed through by very nice female nurses who took into consideration the amount of pain I was in, the fact I have never had a UTI before, and the fact I have had problems with kidney stones in the past. 

To my horror the doctor looked at me for a total of five seconds, said "Well you look fine," handed me a prescription for an antibiotic, and walked away while I was trying to ask him some very important questions.

Five days later, only hours after I finished the antibiotics, I went back to that same emergency room. Again I was rushed through by female nurses, the doctor on call smacked me in the back, told me there was no possible way it was kidney stones, gave me a new antibiotic and sent me on my way. 

Can you guess what happened the next week? A new doctor, a new antibiotic. "Well ma'am it seems you have two types of bacteria in your urine, but not to worry, this will knock it right out." The doctor rushed himself away before I even had a chance to ask what the bacteria he found were. 

So after one, two, three antibiotic I was still in more pain than I have ever been in, in my entire life. They refilled my antibiotic and said not to worry, but the pain became so unbearable that I found myself in a walk in clinic. I brought my boyfriend with me who insisted he come in to ensure I wasn't talked over. The doctor looked him in the eye more than me, listened to his take on the story and then suggested we get tested for STIs, because isn't that always the case when a young adult finds herself in extreme pain? Too much sex? 

Surprise, surprise but as of last night the possibility of kidney stones is back on the table, I'm on two antibiotics which turns into a total of FIVE antibiotics in four weeks. I am still in extreme pain, but expected to live life as if nothing is wrong, and I am infuriated by the medical system.

Not to mention this is a second time in a year doctors haven't been able to diagnose major health issues of the women in my family. I moved home for half a year early in January because suddenly my mother was extremely ill. "It's all in her head. The stomach pains are psychological. Take this pain killer, take this pain killer, oh and this one. Sorry we can't help you." Long story short, guess who four months later got diagnosed with ovarian cysts.