Story: "I wondered if he'd even heard me."

Today's submission comes from Tammy Loree. Tammy is a wife and Grandma living with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and having experienced a failed back surgery, isn't fond of how her body keeps finding new ways to betray her.  

I went to the Emergency room with gut pain and found that I perforated my bowel and needed immediate surgery. The surgery was successful but I needed a colostomy while my bowel healed.

After a month and a half or so I was in immense pain and went to talk to the surgeon about the issue. I was told by a nurse to let them know if I had any pain, so I told the doctor that was why I was there. The doctor repeated that I should tell him if I had any pain and I repeated that I was in a lot of pain. He responded to let him know if I had any pain and then left the room. I wondered if he'd even heard me.

Feeling completely defeated I went home, still in a lot of pain. This lasted until my next surgery to reverse the Colostomy. In my room after surgery, the doctor came in and said to me that the pain I had been experiencing for the last month and a half was because my Stoma had adhered with scar tissue to my ovary. So he had heard me, but just blew me off. I refused to ever see that man again. I have since told everyone I know what he did and he no longer practices here. That probably isn't because of me but I feel satisfied that if I ever needed emergency surgery again, he will not be in rotation for on call. Stand up for what is right because no one will stand up for you like you will. You are invested in your health.