You Are Not Hysterical & It's Not All Anxiety

There is a great piece over at Huffington Post where Patti Digh recounts her experience of being told by an emergency room doc that she was experiencing anxiety when, in reality, she was experiencing a heart attack. If you're a reader of the blog, you know that this is all too common

In the article, the author recommends:

How to save your own life:
Value your life enough to make hard, and what could be unpopular decisions.I was leaving the next day to teach a writing retreat on Tybee Island. I knew I had to get this checked out, hysterical female messaging be damned. That decision saved my life. The retreat would have to wait.
Fire doctors who shame you in any way, shape, or form. Will I ever see that doctor again? No, I will not. Though I will write and tell him why.
Listen to your own body. We live disconnected from our bodies, and we must stop that. We are disembodied, clever heads walking around on bodies we don't understand, know, or pay attention to. This will kill us. Start tracking what your body is telling you. Daily. Know when changes occur. Pretend this is your 8th grade Science Fair project and you desperately want an "A" because by god, Jackie Ervin is NOT going to beat you at the Science Fair again this year.

It's a great message--the same one that I'm trying to spread--so I'm always happy when I see other people writing about these issues. Read the entire piece here.