Story: IGNORED. Repeatedly.

I could fill a bookshelf with the lousy treatment I have received from doctors.

It took 20 years for me to get a Graves Disease diagnosis. Meanwhile, my thyroid grew and grew, until it extended from behind my ears at chin level down to the end of my sternum. The surgery to remove it took double the normal time for that surgery.

My endocrinologist--OMG--the very worst. He's brilliant. I understand that. But the way he treats me is criminal. I told him I hated taking the PTU because it tasted awful. Ignored. Not even acknowledged.

When I got confused about the dosage to take, and wound up with pills left over, he accused me of doctor shopping. As if anyone in their right minds would doctor shop for PTU.

He didn't discuss the plan for my future care of treating Graves with me. No, he outright told me, "So you'll have the surgery to remove it." I asked why that was necessary. His response: "You need it." No explanations. No nothing. And I told him that we would see if another six months wouldn't get the thyroid to go down. He never told me what condition my thyroid was in. He didn't tell me it was beyond the point of the medicine fixing it, only that it was "too large." He gave me no basis for comparison or understanding it. On my next visit when he said "So you'll have the surgery to remove it" again, I finally told him, "You can't dictate the surgery to me. You can't dictate anything to me. Ask my mother about that. She takes sympathy cards. Now sit down and explain to me why you want me to have this surgery." And I wouldn't let him weasel out of it. Finally, he told me, "Your thyroid will never go down in size if it hasn't by now. It's too large for radioactive iodine to help. In fact, it's so large that its at a point that I'm worried that you will soon develop cancer." I scheduled my surgery that very day.

But my favorite of all: He has continuously ignored me when I told him, "I'm post-menopausal, but I've started having periods since getting the Graves treated. This isn't normal. What in my treatment is causing this?"

IGNORED. Repeatedly.

This is a fricking endocrinologist. If anyone should be alert to someone with a hormonal problem, one would think it would be an endocrinologist. Not this jerk. No, I finally had to go to the emergency room because I was expelling clots over 2 inches wide. I'm so weak and tired from excessive bleeding that I can barely get myself out of bed to go to the bathroom and change one of the ten maxi pads I've soaked through on a given day.

And don't even get me started on how the ER treated me like I was a hysterical woman and sent me home to arrange my own biopsy and bleed some more until I could get it done!

d note: This story was shared in a comment to a separate post, but I thought it was important enough that I wanted to share it here.