Story: This Is How Every Doctor Should React. Well, Ultimately.

Editor's Note: The woman who shared this story asked to be kept anonymous.

In 2004, I began to have pain in my right side. My doctor, who I must say REALLY does try and does listen, at first thought it was muscular. After some PT with no relief, he began to investigate, checking my gallbladder, kidneys, ovaries and any number of other "systems". He did ultrasounds, CT's, MRI'S and an IVP...all negative.

After about a year even he said there was nothing and perhaps I needed an antidepressant (ah...the dreaded answer to all!). So for the next 5 YEARS I endured in pain, going to rheumatologists, etc., bringing it up to my GP with no relief. FINALLY a co-worker of mine said " Your symptoms sound like what my husband had. A non-functioning gallbladder. They have to do a special test to diagnose that!" So I went back to my GP and asked for that test. And, sure enough, that's what it was.

So finally in 2010 my gallbladder was removed and the pathology showed long term inflammation (six years! Duh!). Yes, I still see the same GP. He was horrified by what I had endured and his part in it. He learned something and is a better doctor because of it. And he REALLY listens to me now!

If all doctors learned from situations like this, perhaps this blog would not be necessary. When will doctors learn that depression does not cause localized pain with no other symptoms of depression?