Story: "You're very well informed."

"Oh!" the gynaecologist exclaimed. She lowered the speculum as I raised myself on my elbows, the better to look at her. "You're very well informed!" A raised eyebrow, a smirk playing on her lips. Of course I am, I said. It's my body, and I know it better than anyone else. I placed my hands under my bum and lifted slightly, the way the Nurse Practitioner had shown me last year. I found out I have a tilted cervix at 24 years old - I found out at my first smear test, last June. After 14 years of periods, of examinations, of seeing various doctors for contraception, and not one of them had told me that I have a tilted cervix. Years of painful sex and tampon insertion, and not knowing the reason why.  

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