A woman with MS encounters a series of Doctors Behaving Badly

My story is a series of many incidents with physicians that impinged upon my dignity and autonomy as a person, not just as patient. The most egregious abuser was my former primary care physician, Osteopath 1 in Long Beach, CA who used to regularly “offer” to give me a pelvic exam every time I saw him for an office visit which was typically not for an exam but only for a referral to a specialist.

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"Real Stories of Fat Prejudice in Healthcare"

There was a recent article in Cosmopolitan entitled Doctors Told Her She Was Just Fat. She Actually Had Cancer by the incomparable Maya Dusenbery. I recommend you read it. It's chilling. 

But that article led me to discovering something else. There's a website devoted to essentially the same topic that we are, except as to how it relates to fat people (usually women). I use the term fat because that is the term the site uses. The blog is called "First Do No Harm" and they have quite a bit of resources on the topic including studies showing that doctors do, in fact, discriminate against fat people. (Is that shocking? Not one bit.)

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Story: "To the point where she began to question herself"

My mom passed away in 1997 when I was 13 years old. It was very unexpected and traumatic on me, as I had been an only child and very close to my mom. She had devoted her life to parenting & raising me after she divorced my dad when I was 2 years old. It was always her & I against the world after that point and she was my closest friend as well as being an amazing mother.

Before her death, around the time I was about 11 or so, she developed a medical issue. I only understand it to the level I do based on her writings in her diaries, which I have & kept since her passing. She did an amazing job hiding from me her levels of pain and her struggle with the condition she developed. In her journal she wrote that she didn't want to worry me.

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